"The Soul Driven Life"

See what happens when you take up the adventure of your soul's unique desire for this life...

"The Soul Driven Life" will teach you the following:

  • How to create a soul driven reality in your everyday life.
  • The five steps for aligning your life with your soul's desires.
  • What it's like to live the path that exposes your TRUE SELF.
  • Discover the flow of new "Life" energy that serves your soul's reason for this life's incarnation.

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I created this video series to share with you the principles of conscious soul fulfillment that I learned from the Raga Yoga Master Walt Baptiste. ALL the principles. So that if you are one of those beautiful, inspired people with a passion for serving your soul's vision of your highest success potential IN THIS LIFE, then, by watching this video series you will have all you need to fulfill that purpose driven vision. So watch-on. Absorb it all and PROSPER through the richness of LIFE itself!

Walter Hurd Walter Hurd
Soul Discovery Group

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